Monday, January 13, 2014

January 6, 2014

Whats up guys!! Oh man, this past week flew by so dang fast I cant hardly believe it.. Even though like nothing great happened this week.. Haha its just ridiculously cold here.. Oh so one thing that I did do this week was I went on an exchange with my district leader and that was pretty fun!! We actually taught two people who said that they will get baptized!! One of them is named Keesha and she has a little son who is 6 years old. We went to the Bishops for New Years and lit off fireworks and had an awesome dinner!! Half of our ward is like sick with pneumonia because it's so dang cold here. Apparently this is supposed to be the worst winter here in like 50 something years!! Perfect timing for me to be here... Especially because I just love the cold weather......... Haha I shouldnt be complaining though, I'm just glad to be a missionary serving among the Lord's lost sheep!! Any news from home?? Okay so I was thinking, Dad you're not gonna like this, but I really really want to learn how to ski... If I am going to live in Utah, I want to be able to appreciate the winters somehow!! It would be so fun!! Just sayin... Haha Dad it was so funny after you told me about that crazy dream you had, I literally dreamed last night that both you and me robbed a bank!! Same situation and everything!! Weird, right?? Anyways, I really dont have much else to tell you thats actually worth saying!! Oh, I love my camera mom!! It takes way good pictures!! I would send you guys some pictures but I need to buy a little SD card converter to send them.. So expect some pictures next week!! Bruce!! Thanks for those pictures dude, I cant wait till I get home and we can own some noobs on call of duty... Haha I miss the xbox;) Hey I didnt get an email from the dish!! what the heck?! Haha tell her she's in trouble now... Anyways, Thanks for sending out that package mom!! I really feel bad because I cant think of anything cool to tell you guys... If you ever think of something interesting that you want to ask me about, make sure to write down your question so you dont forget!! We're coming up on 6 months since I applied for my visa.. Just thought I'd throw that out there!! Well, thats it for this week. Love you guys so much!!
Elder Trey Brimhall

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