Saturday, January 18, 2014

He's going to India!

Namaste! We just received an unexpected but wonderful phone call from Trey, saying that his visa has arrived and that he'll be heading to India with a group of missionaries on Feb. 3rd!
He is over-the-moon excited, especially since these visas tend to take a long time to process. In emailing some of the missionary moms who have sons currently serving there, they said that the whole mission has been fasting for the visas to be approved, because the work is progressing quickly and there aren't enough missionaries to fulfill the need. It's humbling to know that our son is part of this small miracle, and we are praying for those who are still waiting to go.

Here's an excerpt from President Berrett's blog in India, about the experience:
"Shortly before the first of the year I invited all of our missionaries as well as the members of the Church across the mission to join together on Fast Sunday in prayers for the issuance of the remaining visas and for calls to be extended to more foreign missionaries.

When I awoke this morning, I opened an email from Missionary Travel advising me that all pending visas applications, save one, had been granted. The one missing visa appears to be a simple oversight caused by the fact that we received so many in one group. Then, shortly after I arrived in the office, I received notice from the Missionary Department of the call of a new missionary to our mission. I expect other calls to follow shortly.

Just a few days after our united fast and prayers, the doors of the government opened and pending visa applications were granted.

Coincidence? I certainly do not think so."
(Pres. & Sister Berrett) 
Good luck Elder B! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always! 


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