Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan. 21, 2014

Hey fam! So again theres not much to write about.. This week was really slow and it wasnt extremely successful. The adversary is really working hard on me lately as I prepare to leave for India.. Everyone we come in contact with seems to reject us.. And the very few appointments we had pretty much all fell through. Haha I'm doing my very best though! I am, however, very excited for Saturday!! My first baptism!! I will make sure to send plenty of pictures!! Oh man, so I took a bunch of pictures or geese this week, make sure you look at them on dropbox. There is one that is sooooo cool!! Its the one of the goose coming in to land on the ice!! Sounds like things are going pretty well at home though!! Today is the last time I will get to shoot hoops on the mish!! ...ugh haha the weather here is sooo retarded!! Yesterday it was 57 degrees and today its 12 degrees.. I dont get it! I'm excited for that 90 degrees in India! :) Hahaha I'm a bit nervous about losing weight over there though!! I'm gonna do my best to retain my weight and tone. But, we'll see what happens. I'm just excited to get over there. I'm excited to get those new journals and that other package!! Thanks again mom!! Idk if I will be able to email next week, but I will be able to call... And I have no idea when I will be getting there or anything about the flight plans.. I will let you know if I find out though!! I'll talk to y'all next week!! Love you guys!!

Elder Brimhall

We've decided that Trey has some awesome photography skills...
AND that Missouri has the most amazing sunsets ever!!!

Jan. 21, 2014

Is that the craziest news or what?!?! I cant even believe that I'm already going to India, but at the same time its really cool because there were so many times that I would pray for comfort and peace of mind about the whole thing and every single time that I prayed, I just had a feeling that I would be getting my visa soon after new years... So that was cool!! Our two scheduled baptisms are still on that same date!! I'm excited that I will be around for Chris's baptism!!  Only 12 more days and I'm gonna be gettin' out of here!! I have been studying up on all my paperwork for Indian customs in the airport and I'm like really stressed and nervous about it. Theres just a couple things on there that I'm not so sure about... Like I'm supposed to write out the mission office address which is a HUGE address but on the arrival card, there are like 25 total character spaces.. so I have no idea what to do. But I'll figure it out. So I've gotten a ton of emails from my MTC district saying that they all got their visas, but I havent heard from Elder Cluff yet... I sure hope he got his... Anyways, I have been busy packing when I can and just preparing myself for India. I have been putting my whole heart and soul into Harrisonville though. I dont have like anything else to really tell you guys!! Man, my mind is just going a billion miles per hour :) Love you guys!! Keep praying that I wont get deported or something for screwing up in customs hahahaha have a great week!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

He's going to India!

Namaste! We just received an unexpected but wonderful phone call from Trey, saying that his visa has arrived and that he'll be heading to India with a group of missionaries on Feb. 3rd!
He is over-the-moon excited, especially since these visas tend to take a long time to process. In emailing some of the missionary moms who have sons currently serving there, they said that the whole mission has been fasting for the visas to be approved, because the work is progressing quickly and there aren't enough missionaries to fulfill the need. It's humbling to know that our son is part of this small miracle, and we are praying for those who are still waiting to go.

Here's an excerpt from President Berrett's blog in India, about the experience:
"Shortly before the first of the year I invited all of our missionaries as well as the members of the Church across the mission to join together on Fast Sunday in prayers for the issuance of the remaining visas and for calls to be extended to more foreign missionaries.

When I awoke this morning, I opened an email from Missionary Travel advising me that all pending visas applications, save one, had been granted. The one missing visa appears to be a simple oversight caused by the fact that we received so many in one group. Then, shortly after I arrived in the office, I received notice from the Missionary Department of the call of a new missionary to our mission. I expect other calls to follow shortly.

Just a few days after our united fast and prayers, the doors of the government opened and pending visa applications were granted.

Coincidence? I certainly do not think so."
(Pres. & Sister Berrett) 
Good luck Elder B! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always! 


Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Trey and his fav buddy from the MTC, Elder Cluff!
Whats up guys?? It's so crazy, it feels like I was just writing home a few days ago... Time is starting to fly out here! So theres not too much going on out here other than having Chris commit to be baptized, which you already know the story about so I dont need to really tell you again. It was just so awesome though. Haha he's what we like to call a golden investigator.. We asked him if he was gonna be able to make it to church and he was just like, "Well I have work... but I'm gonna call in sick so I can go." Hahaha he is so gung-ho and for me, that is SUCH a breath of fresh air.. I feel like I'm actually doing good out here!! Hahaha well, the spirit is doing good, I'm just kinda there to witness it;) I cant hardly wait till the 1st!!
So one thing that I was reading in the Book of Mormon really hit me so hard and inspired me soo so much.. So in Alma chapter 13 it talks about those in heaven who were valiant before we came to earth. It talks about how some were more valiant because of their faith and good works. So what does that mean exactly and who were those "more valiant" beings? Weren't we all valiant in the testimony of Christ and that's why we were able to come to Earth? Well... Yes and no... I was reading in Jesus the Christ and it was talking about how Lucifer battled in heaven with 1/3 of the heavenly host against the army of Michael the Arch Angel. That doesn't necessarily mean though, that the other 2/3 of heaven fought against Lucifer. It means that some fought and some stood by and watched because they didn't want to be a part of the war. Those who were MORE valiant were those such as the prophets and those who were given the Priesthood in the premortal life. They were the ones who fought. Why does Satan hate US so much and tempt US wayyyyy more than those who dont have the priesthood or the gospel in their lives?? Because WE WERE THE ONES FIGHTING AND DEFEATING HIM AND HIS ARMY!! He wants to see us fail so bad and fall into his hands of evil temptation!! That inspired me. Anyone of us could have been a general or captain in that holy army of Michael the Arch Angel. Stay strong and dont let him defeat us after we already beat him!!! I dont know about you guys, but I want to continue to be valiant and fight satan stronger and harder than ever before... I want to be that bad to the bone captain that defeats and overcomes the weapons of temptation used by Satan and his angels. WE were a chosen people. It is OUR responsibility to stand as that beacon of light.
I dont have a ton left to tell you guys!! Thats about it for this week.. Well I'll talk to you all next week!! Love you!!
Elder Trey Brimhall
 Being the outdoorsman that he is, Trey can't resist taking pictures of antlers & birds!!

Woah baby...someone's been working out!! Looking good there Elder B!


January 6, 2014

Whats up guys!! Oh man, this past week flew by so dang fast I cant hardly believe it.. Even though like nothing great happened this week.. Haha its just ridiculously cold here.. Oh so one thing that I did do this week was I went on an exchange with my district leader and that was pretty fun!! We actually taught two people who said that they will get baptized!! One of them is named Keesha and she has a little son who is 6 years old. We went to the Bishops for New Years and lit off fireworks and had an awesome dinner!! Half of our ward is like sick with pneumonia because it's so dang cold here. Apparently this is supposed to be the worst winter here in like 50 something years!! Perfect timing for me to be here... Especially because I just love the cold weather......... Haha I shouldnt be complaining though, I'm just glad to be a missionary serving among the Lord's lost sheep!! Any news from home?? Okay so I was thinking, Dad you're not gonna like this, but I really really want to learn how to ski... If I am going to live in Utah, I want to be able to appreciate the winters somehow!! It would be so fun!! Just sayin... Haha Dad it was so funny after you told me about that crazy dream you had, I literally dreamed last night that both you and me robbed a bank!! Same situation and everything!! Weird, right?? Anyways, I really dont have much else to tell you thats actually worth saying!! Oh, I love my camera mom!! It takes way good pictures!! I would send you guys some pictures but I need to buy a little SD card converter to send them.. So expect some pictures next week!! Bruce!! Thanks for those pictures dude, I cant wait till I get home and we can own some noobs on call of duty... Haha I miss the xbox;) Hey I didnt get an email from the dish!! what the heck?! Haha tell her she's in trouble now... Anyways, Thanks for sending out that package mom!! I really feel bad because I cant think of anything cool to tell you guys... If you ever think of something interesting that you want to ask me about, make sure to write down your question so you dont forget!! We're coming up on 6 months since I applied for my visa.. Just thought I'd throw that out there!! Well, thats it for this week. Love you guys so much!!
Elder Trey Brimhall

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Yo ho there Fam!! Oribidercho!! Oh my heck it was soooo so so amazing getting to see you all and talk to you!! You all looked 58 days older than the last time I saw you!! Crazy huh?! Hahaha just teasin. From the looks of those pictures, seems like a pretty fun Christmas to me!! I really missed being home... But there's nowhere I'd rather be:) Christmas day was fantastic. After we got off the phone, we ate with the Tracy's and then went and visited a bunch of members. How was talking to Bill?? Anything new with him?? He sure sounded great when I talked to him hahaha
So I dont have a ton to talk about, just one kinda cool thing that isn't exciting for a veteran missionary but it was exciting for me!! We had an investigator at church for the first time yesterday and he loved it!! It was just way cool for me. I felt like I was actually getting something accomplished out here haha and we are actually going to try to commit him to baptism in our next lesson with him!! So please pray for us!! Thats it for the week though haha everything else has been pretty boring and slow because of the holidays.
We dont have any exciting plans for new years, just that we are eating at Bishops house new years eve. Thank you all for the Christmas presents!! I love love LOVE that jacket mom!! Ummmm I'm honestly trying to think of something to tell you about that has happened between Christmas and now that I could tell you about, but it has honestly been pretty boring here haha. Well I guess thats it for the week. I love you guys and I miss you all like crazy!! I will talk to you next week!!

Elder Trey Brimhall