Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan. 21, 2014

Hey fam! So again theres not much to write about.. This week was really slow and it wasnt extremely successful. The adversary is really working hard on me lately as I prepare to leave for India.. Everyone we come in contact with seems to reject us.. And the very few appointments we had pretty much all fell through. Haha I'm doing my very best though! I am, however, very excited for Saturday!! My first baptism!! I will make sure to send plenty of pictures!! Oh man, so I took a bunch of pictures or geese this week, make sure you look at them on dropbox. There is one that is sooooo cool!! Its the one of the goose coming in to land on the ice!! Sounds like things are going pretty well at home though!! Today is the last time I will get to shoot hoops on the mish!! ...ugh haha the weather here is sooo retarded!! Yesterday it was 57 degrees and today its 12 degrees.. I dont get it! I'm excited for that 90 degrees in India! :) Hahaha I'm a bit nervous about losing weight over there though!! I'm gonna do my best to retain my weight and tone. But, we'll see what happens. I'm just excited to get over there. I'm excited to get those new journals and that other package!! Thanks again mom!! Idk if I will be able to email next week, but I will be able to call... And I have no idea when I will be getting there or anything about the flight plans.. I will let you know if I find out though!! I'll talk to y'all next week!! Love you guys!!

Elder Brimhall

We've decided that Trey has some awesome photography skills...
AND that Missouri has the most amazing sunsets ever!!!

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