Monday, March 17, 2014

March 14, 2014...Last week in Hyderabad

Holy cow so it sounds like a pretty crazy/sad week. It breaks my heart to hear that Jim Gasik is gone now... Too soon. Also, you got a new iMac? Lucky ducks!! I'm way jealous!! Hahaha those pictures are so dang funny!! Haha Nellie and sis look like Who's from Whoville!!! Hahaha and Bryce looks so freaking funny!! Man I feel like I'm missing all the fun... Oh well. So today is Holi which is the festival of colors, so it should be a pretty interesting day to say the least. Bill, That car wreck is nasty.. Sorry bud, def get that checked out. Summer is about in full swing here. The days are starting to touch 95-100 and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter!! But I guess the hottest it usually gets in Bangalore is like 90-95 and the average is about 85-90 so i will enjoy that for sure! Umm so this week has been kind of weird for me because I have kind of been down in the dumps that I'm leaving this place and Elder Stevens so soon. We have been trying to work our hardest but we are both just upset that they have to separate such a good companionship!! Oh well, it's a calling from the Lord and I should be more than happy to accept it. And slowly I am accepting it more and more. So I dont know when exactly I fly out for Bangalore, but I'm assuming it will probably be tomorrow or the next day, but I'll let you know so that I can call you! But nothing really great happened this week, just trying to get ready to leave. Anyways, Yeah Bryce I want to see a picture of your bike!! The garden sounds like it will be a big hit!! Cant wait to see pictures:) Man, I just need a lot of pictures of everything so i can remember what it all looks like!! Haha speaking of pictures, I cant upload any pictures this week again because the church computer is retarded, but I will be able to do it next week in Bangalore. I dont really have anything to share for this week... Oh maybe just a spiritual thought... I studied 3 Nephi 11-28 in depth and I suggest that you guys can do the same!! Its all about the ministry of the Savior in the Americas and seriously I think i could go through the rest of my mission and use only those chapters to teach and answer questions with. it's so crazy how cool it is!! Anyways, the church is true. Haha I love you guys so much! Have a good week!
Elder Brimhall III

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Visit from Elder Holland & first baptism!

                                                 Trey (top middle) with Elder & Sister Holland
Elder Holland told them that as he shook their hands and looked into their eyes,
that he was "interviewing them."

Trey's first baptism in India!
Greetings from good ole' Hyberdaddy India!! Hows the 801 doing? Man I miss you guys a lot. The weeks are starting to fly by though! So it sounds like so many crazy things are happening at home without me!! You guys are planting a garden, remodeling my bathroom, building a cabin (Which I am like dying over right now) and some other stuff!! I'm really jealous!!! By the way, the bathroom looks great mom!! Good job mom, dad, and Brucey boy! Sis is starting soccer?? Oh no... Does that mean I have to learn how the game works so I can actually know what the heck is going on when I watch it? Hahaha just kidding, glad I have a family full of super talented people!! I love you guys!! Grant, good job on your tests and enjoy wyoming!! The middle of dadgum nowhere.. Haha just kidding. Okay so theres been a lot of questions, mostly from Grants end so i'll answer them. Questions are always good so you should all ask them!!
Favorite things about India: So many things are soooo cheap. I like some of the food a lot. The people are so nice. The kids are basically the cutest things in the world and they will gather in huge groups and follow us and say words in english and they LOVE to play!! Also, I'm getting pretty good at cricket.
The broken english is so funny to use haha but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Yeah I've been getting sick off and on, but nothing serious. I think some of it is acclamation and this last time I thing it was from maybe some bad water I drank or something. No worries though.

And finally, I love my companion. We work so hard every day and we are a great team. We work very effectively which is so refreshing.

Okay so a little bit about the work here before I gotta go. We have 6 people currently on date, and 1 that we put on date and taught all the lessons to but right before his baptism, he moved out of our area and was baptized yesterday in another ward so its basically our baptism. I forgot my camera so I cant send any pictures, but I will forward some cool ones like the whole mission with Elder Holland!! Im directly above him in the very top just fyi haha But the work is going well.  Haha well thats it. I love you guys so much and miss you all!! I will make sure to send you pictures and a video of a HUGE rainstorm we had while we were at the foreign registration office!! There was hail the size of nickles and everyone was filming it and taking pictures haha it was funny. Anyways, have a good week everyone!! I love you and miss you all so much!! Thank you so much for all the love and support and prayers offered in my behalf. You guys are the greatest!!
Elder Brimhall III (the third)