Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov. 25, 2013...a change in attitude can make all the difference :)

Hey Family!! It sounds like everyone is doing great!! Bryce, that's so cool that you got your patriarchal blessing!! I'm sure you have many great blessings in store for you. Just remember, you won't be blessed with those things unless you are faithful and righteous, which we all know you already are, but just keep it up!! Dad, I am wayyyy jealous that you went hunting. Did you happen to use my gun?? Those are some gorgeous birds! Man, I am so jealous because EVERY SINGLE NIGHT there are flocks and flocks of geese that fly over our apartment.. There are tons of Canadian geese out here. I'm way excited to get my package tomorrow or the next day!!
Okay so this week actually did go better... It was a really tough week and its absolutely freezing here now which makes the work even harder, but I am just pressing forward in faith!! So I am sending a letter home today with a story about our first lesson out here, so I won't spoil the story before the letter gets there. It was really tough though. It made me so depressed and I was feeling so down on myself. BUT, since then I have been focused on staying positive no matter what happens and that has helped tremendously. The days have gone by way smoother and way faster, which honestly is what I want. I realized that I wasn't enjoying the mission at all, so I am changing my attitude towards where I am at in the mission and now I am actually beginning to enjoy it! I am really just trying to make the most out of every opportunity.
So for thanksgiving, there are like 3 different families that want to feed us, so we will definitely have plenty of places to go to eat. I am gonna try to attach a bunch of pictures though and that is gonna take a while so I should go. I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!
Love, Elder Trey Brimhall
Here's some pics of Trey's apartment...they were taken with his Go-Pro,
so not the best pictures, but we'll take what we can get!!

I love the fact that he made his bed...that's my boy!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov. 18, 2013 Independence, Missouri

The boys made it to Missouri on Wednesday, where they'll stay until their visas arrive...

And then today, we got this email and picture from a member in Trey's area:
"Your sons taught a lesson to our family tonight.  What awesome young men they are. You should be so proud of them. We are glad to have them in our ward."

(This is Trey's first week in the mission field, and let's just say it was a little different then the MTC!
But he's a strong boy, and we know that he'll adjust quickly! :)
Hey Brimhall fam!! Sounds to me like everything there is going great!! Thats so  good to hear!! Okay, so about Missouri, my mission president, and my companion... This is a bad thing to say but in all honesty, I hate Missouri. Its flat, freezing, the people hate us for the most part, and honestly there is just a very dark feeling here. I am in an area callled Harrisonville, and yes there have not been missionaries here for like 3 years, so the work is very difficult.
     My mission president is President Keyes, and he is very nice. He truly is a man called of God. My companion is Elder Butz. Its pronounced like books but with a T. Its a german name. We get along great though!! He is from Highland and he went to Lone Peak. He is an athlete so we always have stuff to talk about or do when we are bored. We live in a duplex that smells terribly like smoke, but it's not a bad place. Well, actually its in a pretty ghetto area so I'm always on high alert. Oh, Mom I got that box... thank you for sending that!! It was much needed haha I love that scarf too. The weather has actually been fairly mild here which is a good thing. I have actually struggled the past few days... It is completely different from what I expected. There is so much paperwork and memorization stuff like that, that we have to do on a daily basis. Also, it has really been very hard for me to walk around and get so many mean looks from everyone in town. I feel so unwelcomed here and it really just breaks my heart because I have never EVER felt this way. There are literally like 7 active members in Harrisonville. Our area is huge. Its literally like 70 square miles. But we have a full time car which is nice.
      But thank you all for the many prayers in my behalf.. I really feel the effects of those prayers in my life, even though life is really weird right now. Well I'm gonna go now. Bryce keep up the good missionary work kid!! Sis, you're a chicken butt;) But thats okay because I still love you;) Haha alright well y'all have a great week!! I love you all so so much!!
Love, Elder Trey Brimhall

Saturday, November 9, 2013

first discussion...warning: tear jerker!

Trey had the opportunity to give the first discussion to an investigator the other day, and had a powerful experience. He sent us this story that he wrote in his journal, and has given us permission to share it.
"After breakfast we had to teach our first real investigator. His name is Christian. He is in his early 30's and has a wife. They had a son, but he was hit by a car and killed at 3 years old, last year. Christian was very bitter towards the Lord because of that experience. He has a condition where his mind tells him what to say but he has a very hard time physically saying the words, so he stutters and draws out most of his words. I immediately felt a love for him as I would with a brother. Through our testimonies to him, we were able to get him to pray with us. In his prayer, one of the things he said was, 'God...if you're really there, then you know that there's nothing I wouldn't do to be with my son again.' How sweet these words rang in the air. I then simply asked him, 'Christian...if you are willing to do anything to see Alex again...then will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God?' He gave me a blank stare, and with tears beginning to run down his face, he said, 'If it means that I get to see my boy again, then yes Elder Brimhall, I will.' First lesson with this loving yet lost son of our Heavenly Father, and he committed to be baptized. The church is true. I know it without a shadow of a doubt. That feeling...was pure happiness for me. I can't wait to experience that again."
We are so grateful that our sweet boy is beginning to see people in a different light...as sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, who wants ALL of us to be able to know him personally. We so easily take for granted the knowledge that we have of the amazing plan of salvation, and can forget that there many who are unaware, and seeking for that kind of comfort in their lives. What a wonderful blessing these mighty missionaries are to the world! :) 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Elder B has been reassinged!!

Elder Trey is doing so incredibly well! We heard from him today, and he's been re-assigned to Independence, Missouri while he waits for his visa...he is very excited!

Haha...somehow he managed to get this on instagram!

Below: We love this picture he sent because we have a baseball theme going on...
Since he decided to forgo some great opportunities to play ball and go on a mission instead, we decided that he's now playing on the greatest team of all...and the Lord is his coach. He knows that there will probably be some errors out in the field, but also some fantastic home runs.
We also sent him some baseballs so that his team mates (companions) could all sign them.

This ball hasn't left his side ever since!

Here's his most recent emails:
 Hey Dad!! Oh my gosh thats so great to hear that things are going well at home!! I actually did email Bill on monday but it was like 3 hours after he had sent me an email... Umm Marshall Henry was rooming right next to me but he actually left this morning!! I also ran into Bryston Kehl this morning in the cafeteria and that was kind of cool!! But other than those two, I havent seen anyone else. Sounds like you're gonna be so busy working graveyard!! Dont strain your milk ole' boy... hahaha oh that reminds me, hows Papa & Nana doing? Things are going so well here. Im gonna send you a couple pictures from my phone and the only reason is cuz its pictures of what I wrote in my journal last night and I want you and mom and the fam to hear it but I dont have the time to type it!! I havent really "played" at all haha but today as the zone leader I have to welcome in the new district and give them a full orientation on the MTC and rules!! So stoked to do that!! Ummm... OH!! So mom sent those baseballs in that last package.... I have literally brought the one ball with me everywhere I have gone. Class, lunch, our room, dinner, and even into an investigators home!! Haha I am always holding it. Sure love ya Dad!! Namaste!!

Mummer!! So good to hear from you again!! There's no way I could actually get sick of hearing from my amazing mom. You're the best!! That package was soooo awesome so thank you so much!! I carry one of the baseballs with me everywhere I go!! Haha I love you mom. I can honestly say, and please dont be offended by this, but I really havent missed being home that much!! I mean I miss it, but I love the constant feeling I have out here.. Things are going so well for me. I'm gonna try to attach some photos and videos but I'm not sure if it will work, so forgive me if it doesnt!! I just want you to know that I am in no way distracted right now.. Things are going unbelievably well for me!! And hopefully things are going well at home too. 
     My whole zone went through the temple this morning and it was so great!! I really love it there so much!! It's really incredible to sit there and listen to the prayer that is said in the prayer circle and to hear how much of that prayer is dedicated to asking for blessings on the missionaries!! I truly feel so loved and blessed by many. That's about all I have for this week!! And yes, I will be calling you on Tuesday!! I love you all so much!! I feel your prayers every day, and I am so grateful for them. Talk to you soon!! Namaste!!

Elder Trey Brimhall

Sunday, November 3, 2013

First letter home!!

We heard from Elder B today, and he's doing A-MA-ZING!!
He loves it there and says that he's learning so much!
They must really like him too because his second day there he was called to be Senior Zone Leader, as well as the travel leader for all the missionaries going to India! He is such a happy boy,
and we couldn't be more pleased with how he's doing!
Here is his first letter home:
Family! Namaste!
Happy Halloween! Don't get too fat off candy without me now...Oh my gosh I seriously love it here so much! This place is incredible! I miss you guys but I'm sorry/happy to say that I don't miss you that much! My first day was incredible. I got to go to class and learn more about being a missionary within 45 minutes of being here. My companion is Elder Larsen and he is so awesome! He is from twin Falls, he's about 6'1", funnier than crap, and is so positive about everything! We really get along great. So on our first day, I was in a class of about 40 missionaries, both Elders and Sisters, and as a class we taught and got to experience speaking with 3 separate investigators. I can't even believe how quickly I have already picked up on how to talk, teach, preach, and testify to a non-member! In two days, my testimony has grown 10x stronger! I love you guys so much! You're each individually in my prayers! Have a good week!
-Elder Trey Brimhall

And first email (11/4/13):

Hey Fam!!! How are you all doing?? It looks like Halloween was amazing... Bruce looks groovy as shiz and sis looks beautiful as ever!!;) The past week has been beyond incredible.. The amount of knowledge they pour into your mind here is ridiculous. I have learned more about this church and the Character of Christ in the last 5 days than I have in the last 5 years.. You literally cannot believe how powerful the spirit is here!! My testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel has grown soo much and I love it so much!! Hows the quiet life?? I'm sure you're loving it mom.. ;) and how was the pheasant hunt?? Only one bird but was it fun?? I bet it was coooold...  I got your package guys!!! THAT WAS MUCH NEEDED!!! I loved it so much... ahhh having a baseball is like the biggest release... haha and Bryce, I got that coke and literally downed that thing in like two minutes... So good. That family booklet is amazing mom!! I literally love it so much!! My P day is actually on Wednesday but I have free time right now so I thought I would write you since I will only have one P day here... But I should go!! I love you all so much!! Have a great week!! The church is true:) 
With Love, Elder Trey Brimhall
ps I think I might have to send the pictures I've taken on wednesday. They're awesome!!

Last day home and MTC!

This was such a bitter sweet day. Sadness that our boy was leaving, but excitement that he was going to serve the Lord. We've made it a tradition with our boys to go the morning before leaving, to the Salt Lake Temple to do initiatories, and then spend some time in the Celestial Room.
It was an amazing morning...and the very best birthday present mom could have asked for!!
We went out to lunch, and finished packing his bags...
Later that evening we met with Bishop Katzenbach and President Castleton for his setting apart as a full time missionary! It's such an amazing an incredible experience being in the room during the setting apart. The spirit is so strong, and emotions are high...no words to describe the feeling.

Grandma & grandpa, Papa and the J fam, and Grant & Allie girl were all there :)

That night, the kids played video games one last time, and had a sleepover in the basement!

Next morning...putting "Day 1"sticker on his chart!
 Saying goodbye to his Daisey May...

We stopped by to give Nana & Papa hugs...
 ...and Papa sneaking some money in his jacket :)

Quick pictures and goodbyes across the street from the MTC...

Silly boy...thinks he's gonna take his cowboy hat!

 From the arms of your family to the Lords...we love you Elder B!!!


Friday, November 1, 2013


October 27, 2013...Elder Brimhall's Farewell! Such a handsome boy!!

Here he is with mom and dad, Bryce and Sheridan :)

He had the most amazing cakes! This one has Hindu writing around the bottom that says
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
Inside the other cake were the colors of the India flag :)
...Just like his lapel pin!
His farewell talk was titled "Obedience Brings Blessings."
He did such an amazing job!

Wish we would have gotten more pics of family and friends who came out to support him...the day was crazy and our "photographer" was busy running in circles! We are so grateful for all those who were there for our son...it really means so so much!!