Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov. 18, 2013 Independence, Missouri

The boys made it to Missouri on Wednesday, where they'll stay until their visas arrive...

And then today, we got this email and picture from a member in Trey's area:
"Your sons taught a lesson to our family tonight.  What awesome young men they are. You should be so proud of them. We are glad to have them in our ward."

(This is Trey's first week in the mission field, and let's just say it was a little different then the MTC!
But he's a strong boy, and we know that he'll adjust quickly! :)
Hey Brimhall fam!! Sounds to me like everything there is going great!! Thats so  good to hear!! Okay, so about Missouri, my mission president, and my companion... This is a bad thing to say but in all honesty, I hate Missouri. Its flat, freezing, the people hate us for the most part, and honestly there is just a very dark feeling here. I am in an area callled Harrisonville, and yes there have not been missionaries here for like 3 years, so the work is very difficult.
     My mission president is President Keyes, and he is very nice. He truly is a man called of God. My companion is Elder Butz. Its pronounced like books but with a T. Its a german name. We get along great though!! He is from Highland and he went to Lone Peak. He is an athlete so we always have stuff to talk about or do when we are bored. We live in a duplex that smells terribly like smoke, but it's not a bad place. Well, actually its in a pretty ghetto area so I'm always on high alert. Oh, Mom I got that box... thank you for sending that!! It was much needed haha I love that scarf too. The weather has actually been fairly mild here which is a good thing. I have actually struggled the past few days... It is completely different from what I expected. There is so much paperwork and memorization stuff like that, that we have to do on a daily basis. Also, it has really been very hard for me to walk around and get so many mean looks from everyone in town. I feel so unwelcomed here and it really just breaks my heart because I have never EVER felt this way. There are literally like 7 active members in Harrisonville. Our area is huge. Its literally like 70 square miles. But we have a full time car which is nice.
      But thank you all for the many prayers in my behalf.. I really feel the effects of those prayers in my life, even though life is really weird right now. Well I'm gonna go now. Bryce keep up the good missionary work kid!! Sis, you're a chicken butt;) But thats okay because I still love you;) Haha alright well y'all have a great week!! I love you all so so much!!
Love, Elder Trey Brimhall

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