Sunday, November 3, 2013

First letter home!!

We heard from Elder B today, and he's doing A-MA-ZING!!
He loves it there and says that he's learning so much!
They must really like him too because his second day there he was called to be Senior Zone Leader, as well as the travel leader for all the missionaries going to India! He is such a happy boy,
and we couldn't be more pleased with how he's doing!
Here is his first letter home:
Family! Namaste!
Happy Halloween! Don't get too fat off candy without me now...Oh my gosh I seriously love it here so much! This place is incredible! I miss you guys but I'm sorry/happy to say that I don't miss you that much! My first day was incredible. I got to go to class and learn more about being a missionary within 45 minutes of being here. My companion is Elder Larsen and he is so awesome! He is from twin Falls, he's about 6'1", funnier than crap, and is so positive about everything! We really get along great. So on our first day, I was in a class of about 40 missionaries, both Elders and Sisters, and as a class we taught and got to experience speaking with 3 separate investigators. I can't even believe how quickly I have already picked up on how to talk, teach, preach, and testify to a non-member! In two days, my testimony has grown 10x stronger! I love you guys so much! You're each individually in my prayers! Have a good week!
-Elder Trey Brimhall

And first email (11/4/13):

Hey Fam!!! How are you all doing?? It looks like Halloween was amazing... Bruce looks groovy as shiz and sis looks beautiful as ever!!;) The past week has been beyond incredible.. The amount of knowledge they pour into your mind here is ridiculous. I have learned more about this church and the Character of Christ in the last 5 days than I have in the last 5 years.. You literally cannot believe how powerful the spirit is here!! My testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel has grown soo much and I love it so much!! Hows the quiet life?? I'm sure you're loving it mom.. ;) and how was the pheasant hunt?? Only one bird but was it fun?? I bet it was coooold...  I got your package guys!!! THAT WAS MUCH NEEDED!!! I loved it so much... ahhh having a baseball is like the biggest release... haha and Bryce, I got that coke and literally downed that thing in like two minutes... So good. That family booklet is amazing mom!! I literally love it so much!! My P day is actually on Wednesday but I have free time right now so I thought I would write you since I will only have one P day here... But I should go!! I love you all so much!! Have a great week!! The church is true:) 
With Love, Elder Trey Brimhall
ps I think I might have to send the pictures I've taken on wednesday. They're awesome!!

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  1. Hello, I am Elder Larsens mom. We had noticed this blog when Elder Larsen got his call, that is cool that they are companions in the MTC. Would love to correspond through email with you. Would that be possible??