Thursday, November 7, 2013

Elder B has been reassinged!!

Elder Trey is doing so incredibly well! We heard from him today, and he's been re-assigned to Independence, Missouri while he waits for his visa...he is very excited!

Haha...somehow he managed to get this on instagram!

Below: We love this picture he sent because we have a baseball theme going on...
Since he decided to forgo some great opportunities to play ball and go on a mission instead, we decided that he's now playing on the greatest team of all...and the Lord is his coach. He knows that there will probably be some errors out in the field, but also some fantastic home runs.
We also sent him some baseballs so that his team mates (companions) could all sign them.

This ball hasn't left his side ever since!

Here's his most recent emails:
 Hey Dad!! Oh my gosh thats so great to hear that things are going well at home!! I actually did email Bill on monday but it was like 3 hours after he had sent me an email... Umm Marshall Henry was rooming right next to me but he actually left this morning!! I also ran into Bryston Kehl this morning in the cafeteria and that was kind of cool!! But other than those two, I havent seen anyone else. Sounds like you're gonna be so busy working graveyard!! Dont strain your milk ole' boy... hahaha oh that reminds me, hows Papa & Nana doing? Things are going so well here. Im gonna send you a couple pictures from my phone and the only reason is cuz its pictures of what I wrote in my journal last night and I want you and mom and the fam to hear it but I dont have the time to type it!! I havent really "played" at all haha but today as the zone leader I have to welcome in the new district and give them a full orientation on the MTC and rules!! So stoked to do that!! Ummm... OH!! So mom sent those baseballs in that last package.... I have literally brought the one ball with me everywhere I have gone. Class, lunch, our room, dinner, and even into an investigators home!! Haha I am always holding it. Sure love ya Dad!! Namaste!!

Mummer!! So good to hear from you again!! There's no way I could actually get sick of hearing from my amazing mom. You're the best!! That package was soooo awesome so thank you so much!! I carry one of the baseballs with me everywhere I go!! Haha I love you mom. I can honestly say, and please dont be offended by this, but I really havent missed being home that much!! I mean I miss it, but I love the constant feeling I have out here.. Things are going so well for me. I'm gonna try to attach some photos and videos but I'm not sure if it will work, so forgive me if it doesnt!! I just want you to know that I am in no way distracted right now.. Things are going unbelievably well for me!! And hopefully things are going well at home too. 
     My whole zone went through the temple this morning and it was so great!! I really love it there so much!! It's really incredible to sit there and listen to the prayer that is said in the prayer circle and to hear how much of that prayer is dedicated to asking for blessings on the missionaries!! I truly feel so loved and blessed by many. That's about all I have for this week!! And yes, I will be calling you on Tuesday!! I love you all so much!! I feel your prayers every day, and I am so grateful for them. Talk to you soon!! Namaste!!

Elder Trey Brimhall

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