Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last day home and MTC!

This was such a bitter sweet day. Sadness that our boy was leaving, but excitement that he was going to serve the Lord. We've made it a tradition with our boys to go the morning before leaving, to the Salt Lake Temple to do initiatories, and then spend some time in the Celestial Room.
It was an amazing morning...and the very best birthday present mom could have asked for!!
We went out to lunch, and finished packing his bags...
Later that evening we met with Bishop Katzenbach and President Castleton for his setting apart as a full time missionary! It's such an amazing an incredible experience being in the room during the setting apart. The spirit is so strong, and emotions are words to describe the feeling.

Grandma & grandpa, Papa and the J fam, and Grant & Allie girl were all there :)

That night, the kids played video games one last time, and had a sleepover in the basement!

Next morning...putting "Day 1"sticker on his chart!
 Saying goodbye to his Daisey May...

We stopped by to give Nana & Papa hugs...
 ...and Papa sneaking some money in his jacket :)

Quick pictures and goodbyes across the street from the MTC...

Silly boy...thinks he's gonna take his cowboy hat!

 From the arms of your family to the Lords...we love you Elder B!!!


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