Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec. 2, 2013...thanksgiving!

Hey Guys!! Sounds like a pretty crazy week for you!! Broken water main, dad with strep, black friday shopping, bruce buying a freakin 9mm, etc... Makes me miss home!! I feel like I'm missing all the action!! Bryce I might need you to send that gun out here.. hehe and I'll tell you all why in a bit;) But over all it sounds like you had a decent week!! Dad i cant wait for the jerky!! Everyone out here is hunting and killing deer and every time we talk to someone about hunting, i think about jerky and how much I miss it and crave it, so that will be perfect!!
So for thanksgiving, we went to the Wise's home to eat and we ate soooo much food. We had a contest to see who could gain the most weight from dinner so we weighed ourselves before and after annnnnd........ I WON!! I gained 3.8 pounds from dinner!! Sick, I know... im fasting for the next two weeks... hahaha just kidding! Oh Dad, just fyi, I'm now at about 158 so I'm definitely gaining weight. How was thanksgiving for you guys?? Ugh, I miss your thanksgiving dinners mom.. Like really bad. And then with Christmas coming up, its going to be soooo weird being away from home during Christmas for the first time.

Okay I'm way jealous that you guys are going hunting but I'm glad that you're going!! Someone please use my gun and tell me how the new part works and if my gun can still hit something.. hahaha even though I already know that its deadly accurate. There are sooo many geese by our place because we live right by 2 small lakes and there are at least 1500 geese that sit in them every day so every morning and every night I listen to flock after flock after flock fly by honking their guts out and all I want to do is call at them with my goose call!!

Okay so about my week... It was a pretty slow week honestly. We have a few more potentials that might be some good prospects, but nothing crazy yet. We did, however, get two of the less actives in our ward to come back to church!! One hasnt been in over 12 years and the other in over 2 years. I didnt know this but I guess thats just like the equivalent of baptizing them all over again, so we are having some success!! Okay but with our 3 investigators... oh boy... So our investigators have kinda gone down the toilet... One is a rude old man who refuses to change his ways, but he's somewhat willing to listen to what we have to say. Another one refuses to give up his alcohol and meth which is really sad cuz he is a fantastic guy. Annnnnd the other guy...... Dont get like freaked out or too worried about me cuz we'll be fine, but last week he was shot and killed because he was basically standing on one corner of the street that was another gangs "turf".... Pretty sad. Bruce thats why I need your gun;) haha jk, I have the Book of Mormon!! And if someone shoots at us, I'll hold that book up and it'll stop the bullets at the Isaiah chapters since they're so "hard". haha I hope you get that joke;) But for real, the guy got shot:( Ummm other than that, not much else has happened. Yesterday I fasted for the swift arrival of my Visa... But anyways, I'm just working my hardest out here and trying to hasten the Lords work!!

So in order to drive, we have to memorize all 5 lessons found in chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel AND all the baptismal interview questions... So the record is 4 days which was done by a kid with photographic memory... Before him it was 10 days, and before that it was 18 days!! Well I want you to be proud of me for this... But today I will be passing off lesson 5 and the baptismal interview questions and that will mean that I finished them all in 16 days... It's taken a lot of patience and hard work, but I got it done!! I just thought that was kinda cool;) And Squish, I wanna see pictures of the house with the lights and your sweet room!! Bryce, be so so careful with that gun. You are a big boy now and need to treat that thing with the utmost respect. Be responsible. Dad, I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers even moreso now that you have strep.. Have fun for me on the hunt though!! Mom, I love you so so much and cant wait to get my packages!! Thank you again for sending them!! The Lord is blessing us all more and more each and every day. Please keep the names John and Linda Gunnufson in yours prayers this week!! They are both in their 60's and they are brother and sister. Linda's husband just died two months ago and she is less active and really needs peace and comfort in her life. John is not a member but expressed to Linda that he feels ready to be baptized and join the church, so pray that he will have a continued desire to do those things. Thank you guys!!

I love you all so much and I miss you like crazy!! Have a great week!! I'll see you soon on X-Mas!!
Love always, Elder Trey Brimhall

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