Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec. 8,2013...metamorphisis

This was an incredible letter from our son, who has done a lot of growing since he's been gone.
There aren't adequate words to describe the joy we felt when reading his email this week,
and knowing that while our precious boy is literally "losing himself in the work of the lord"
...we can see that he is also finding himself in the process.
So things were pretty good and also pretty miserable here in the last week!! It was good in the sense that we did a ton of tracting and found 9 new investigators and gave out probably 15 copies of the Book of Mormon, but miserable in the sense that we were doing a lot of tracting... in sub-zero temperatures,that give both Elder Butz and I frostbite. But hey, I'm just glad to be doing the Lords work in any way that I can!!
 Okay so I know this sounds bad, but before my mission, I never really read in my scriptures or in the Book of Mormon nearly as much as I should have. I always knew it was true and that I loved it, but my testimony of it just wasn't that strong. Now that has completely changed. I cant put it down. It truly is so amazing... It is so crazy how much a person can relate to the Book of Mormon when they really read it with the intent of learning something new from it. In 1 Nephi 1:1, I made a great connection there.. in the first verse of the entire book!! That alone told me how special it was.
I want to bear my testimony to you all of the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon. There is no other book on this planet that testifies of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ like this book. It was written by prophets of old who were called of God who preached the correct Gospel principles. It was put away for this last dispensation. Joseph Smith was a true prophet of the Lord who translated that book by the almighty power of God. I know that it is true. I know that if we abide by its precepts, as we are constanly told by prophets and church leaders, we can and will obtain everlasting life and we will inherit the very Kingdom of God. As if that isnt great enough, we can do that as a family. I will stand as a witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon until the end of time. I will let my light shine forth unto all men and let all men know of its greatness whether they will accept it or not. I know it is true. I have been on my mission for 42 days now and I already have a testimony that is unbreakable and cannot be turned over. I believe in this church and Gospel more than I have ever believed in anything in my life. I love it with all my heart. How grateful I am to have so many great examples in my life. My entire family is one that will enjoy everlasting peace and happiness together. It is very sad that so many families will deny that privilege throughout time, but I am happy that my family will not. I am so proud of all of you. Stay strong and continue to learn more of this gospel and grow closer to our savior and redeemer.
If this is posted on my blog, then to all who read this who have not had the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon and even those who have: I invite you as an Elder in this church, An ambassador of Christ, a minister of the true and restored Gospel of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ, and as your humble brother and child of our loving Heavenly Father, seek out the Book of Mormon. If you do not have a testimony of the Book of Mormon or this Gospel, then lean on my testimony. I know it is true. I have seen the works of God brought to pass by the power and divintiy of this book. Seek out the missionaries. Visit Obtain a Book of Mormon and find out whether its true or not. Go onto or and search "Safety for the soul" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Focus on what you feel. I promise you in the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ that you will receive an answer or witness of the truthfulness of this Gospel if you will just simply ask God if it is true. I invite you all to do so.
I love you family!! Thank you all for the love and support!! Have a great week!!
Serving proudly,
Elder Trey Brimhall

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