Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec. 16, 2013...Christmas rap & playing with horses!

Hey everyone!! Sounds like everyone is doing fantastic!! Dad, the jerky is sooo amazing and I am trying my hardest to make it last till at least Christmas. And I havent opened my presents yet, I'm waiting till Christmas for that too!! And Bruce is lookin pretty tough with that big gun!! Thats also a sweet watch you're wearing Bryce! Where did you get it??............... Haha yeah you can wear it. Dad I'm also trying to figure out how to send videos so I can send you some videos of the flock of about 5000 snows that landed in the pond by our place. Theres also a video of about 3000 canadians sitting on the ice too, it makes me trunky.
Thats good that everyone is doing better and isnt sick anymore!! So for the christmas day plan, we will be going to the Tracy home (the family that sent you the very first picture of me and Butz) between 11:30-1:00 so for you that is between 10:30 and 12:00 so be ready!! If you could have everyone there at that time, that would be great! I havent had to use the ear warmers yet because we had the car this week and also the weather here is crazy, now its really warming up. Its supposed to be 58 on wednesday, but way cold next week. Also, I've been meaning to ask about Bart and Misty, but that is so good to hear that all is going well with them!! HANK!! That is sooo awesome!! I love that name hahaha
Sissy, its so good to hear that you are feelin better twinner!! I miss you a lot!! I have talked to so many people about you and brag about you and tell them how flipping awesome you are!! I show them pictures and they all say, "wow you DO look like twins!!" I love you and miss you dissy doo-dah!!
So about my week.. Yesterday both Elder Butz and I gave talks in church and it actually went really well! I would send home a copy of the talk but I honestly just wrote down bullet points and expounded on them in the talk so it doesnt make much sense on paper. But it was all about keeping Christ the center of Christmas. Not much else happened this past week though.. Our investigator appointments basically all fell through which was sad, but we had two less actives at church again yesterday which is sooo exciting for us!! Oh, something that you guys might find entertaining is a little "I am a child of God" rap... ready for this??
Yo I aint never seen God but I know He's there.
I can feel his love surround me, I know he cares.
And I'll admit it I wish I could see God face to face,
but that dont mean that I got doubts, we aint wasted space.
Cause I dont need that proof to know that he exists,
The Holy Ghost speaks truth, I know I am His kid.
The greatest dad in the world and I just gotta give,
Praise to Him and His Son, I know that He lives
Died for my sins, paid with His sufferin'.
And thats word to Isaiah, fulfilled his promises.
Jesus Christ saves all no matter where you been,
so when you've hit rock bottom remember God forgives.
Remember who the rock is when you're feelin' low,
And when you're that lost sheep He'll bring you to the fold.
Leave his 99 sheep to find His missin' bro.
Cause thats what big brothers do, I love my Savior so much.
I believe that I can be healed just by one simple touch,
of His clothing I can be made whole cause his love is such,
a blessing, if you feel the same way you can sing along,
Cause you's a child of God, lets sing the song.
Haha I think that is sooo awesome!! That was written by an Elder who just left for home not too long ago. His name was Elder Ofahengaue (Oh-fah-hen-gah-way). Anyways, thats pretty much it for this week. Cant wait to see you all on Christmas!! I love you all!! Have a great week!!
Elder Trey Brimhall
They did a service project last week brushing these adorable horses!



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