Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 13, 2014

Hey family!! So this week was absolutely amazing. Elder T is such a stud and he is seriously the funniest person I have ever met!! But he isnt even trunky, he is ready to work and help this branch succeed. We have already gotten so much done. But Conference was soooo awesome!! Oh man, Priesthood session was absolutely incredible. i think probably my favorite talk was by Elder Hallstrom. It was kinda funny to see Elder Holland, Elder Hallstrom, Bishop Stevenson, and some other people and be like, yeahhh I met them a couple months ago.. Hahaha they are all great though!! There were so many great messages!! It was weird because I felt like before now I never really took Conference as serious as I should have but now it was almost like Christmas morning. So about the work here... We havent had a ton of lessons because we are both trying to figure out the area and where the members live and stuff. But it went well!! We have set up a big huge map and we are doing a lot of finding. We will definitely be having a lot of success in the future. Umm theres not a lot to tell you about!! Mom, I haven't gotten my package yet but I'm sure that it will come soon. I'm glad that things are going better at home!! I am having so much fun out here... Literally everywhere we go we are staying busy and just having so much fun!! it's great for me because the days are just flying by now. Like I cant even believe that its the middle of April already. So crazy. Bangalore is so great though I decided!! I am better now and just coming out of the sickness which is good... Holy cow, almost 6 months down... Insane!! Well thats seriously all I got for this week!! I love you guys!! Have a good week!!

Elder Trey Brimhall

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