Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 2- Visiting Golkanda

This week Trey had the opportunity to visit some ancient ruins called Golkanda Fort...

I hope you guys are doing great!! So first of all, I have some news to make you all a little jealous.. So on the 28th, there is a mission wide conference in Bangalore and I'm so excited for it!! Theres a few guest speakers who will be there. (Jeffrey R. Holland, the presiding bishop of the church, and two from the quorum of the seventy) Needless to say, it's gonna be soo freaking intense!! And then... There is a stake conference on the 2nd and they will be there for that as well and then I'll get to meet them and shake their hands!!! Ohhh man I am soo stoked, my favorite apostle!!! Haha anyways, this week wasnt too exciting. Nothing great really happened like last week haha except we have a couple more people on date to be baptized. We traveled a lot this week between appointments. We mostly travel by bus because its cheap and we can also talk to a lot of people that way. Umm so yeah today we are going to Golkanda fort and I'm way excited!! It's so cool that we get to basically just go sight seeing on P-days!! Okay now to answer some questions. Mom is first as always..

I eat a lot of biryani which is just rice with quite a bit of spice in it, but its really good. It can have chicken, pork, beef, or prawns (shrimp) in it and I actually like it a lot. I also really like the tandoori roti here which basically looks like a tortilla but just a little more dense. I eat quite a bit of american food too. There are mcdonalds, kfc, dominos, papa johns, and a bbq place all within a couple miles of where we stay. i also eat a lot of nutella haha I love that stuff. 

I do wear my sandals in the shower. The sanitation is very poor here, but we find ways to keep things clean and healthy for our living.

Church here is interesting. We dont have a piano player so we sing A Capella and this week there wasnt a chorister so I had to go up and lead the music. No one is on time to church. At 9 when it starts, theres usually about 12 people there. By 9:30 theres about 50-60 people there. Its really frustrating and no one likes to wear their shoes!! When I walked up to lead the music, I looked over and the bishop was just chilling there with his socks and shoes off. Unreal haha. 

Now for grants Q&A's... 
The work here is very different. We still proselyte but its just weird because its hard to talk and understand people because we speak two very different forms of english. We actually dont do hardly any service at all... The people here are ridiculously nice and especially receptive and the normal day consists of about 3 appointments because we always have to do a lot of traveling between appointments. For working out, I just do my normal routine. Get up and do pushups, an ab workout, curls, tricep extensions, rows, shoulder rolls, stuff like that and its all with my 35lb resistance bands.  

Thats about it for this week.. Love you guys!! I'll post a bunch of pics on dropbox next week!! I love you all so so much and I miss you like crazy!!

Elder Brimhall

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